How to order products for diabetics in Russia

Diabetes is a serious disease that requires continuous monitoring. If all the rules and prescriptions of the doctor are followed the life of diabetics can be as bright and fulfilling as healthy people have. In order to keep your condition normal purchase high-quality products for diabetics!

Russian medical equipment stores are full of the latest equipment. Such devices make life much easier. Today we will tell you about the assortment of the Russian market. We will also tell you how to arrange the delivery of goods from Russia to your country easily and quickly. Our delivery service will take care of all the difficulties.

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Diabetes is a very common disease in the modern world from which people of different ages suffer. Be confident in your health. Choose medical equipment to determine and control sugar levels!

On this site you will find everything you need to maintain your health. Let’s look at some positions and categories.

Glucose meters are special devices necessary for diabetics. This is due to the fact that they are able to show the glucose level in the body with high accuracy and speed. Moreover, they are extremely easy to use. And also on the website you can find glucose meters of different price segments.

products for diabetics

Don’t forget to buy replacement test strips for the blood glucose meter. They help the device to read information. In addition, you can purchase large sets on the Diamarka website. For example, 5 packs of test strips each. Each of which stores from 50 to 100 products.

products for diabetics

With serious forms of diabetes such a phenomenon as a diabetic foot is not uncommon. In order to alleviate the symptoms of this unpleasant manifestation purchase special insoles, medicines for the care and treatment of wounds.

products for diabetics


This Russian store offers a wide variety of medical equipment for purchase including insulin pumps.

An insulin pump is an electronic-mechanical device which continuously delivers insulin from a special reservoir into the subcutaneous fat. Such a device provides a stable glucose level. Moreover, the pump greatly simplifies life. For example, you can forget about injections. Just attach the pump to your body and enjoy a full life.

products for diabetics


If you want to explore more brands then pay attention to this site. A wide range and a variety of prices are presented there. Everything necessary for a comfortable life for diabetics has already been collected in one place.

products for diabetics

And, of course, for the full maintenance of insulin pumps it is necessary to purchase consumables such as needles, caps, insertion systems and much more. Buy everything in one place and proceed to checkout on

products for diabetics

Diabetic shop

In order to be always on the alert and be able to check the sugar level buy simple lancets. These mechanical devices quickly and painlessly pierce the surface of the skin. Then just attach the test strip and wait for the result!

products for diabetics

It is also important to take care of comfort! Pick up accessories for wearing insulin pumps. Neat straps and clips will securely fix the pump on the body. This will allow you not to limit yourself in movements and do things that are comfortable for you.

products for diabetics


How to buy products for diabetics with delivery from Russia?

Stay healthy! Proceed to order medical equipment! To place an order, just use the instructions:

  1. Register on the website

2. Send us links to our mail  or use the order form then our managers will check the order and confirm it.

3. Pay for the created orders on the website using PayPal.

4. Wait fotoreport and warehousing by

5. After the parcel arrives at the warehouse and handling (photo report, weighing, packaging) you can arrange delivery to your city. The cost of delivery will be about 30-50 euros for a single item. In order to save on shipping we advise you to accumulate goods! When sending several items at once the cost is reduced to 15 euros for one item.

Or you can contact the online chat on the website for help and ask the manager to create an assisted purchase order.

Important! Don’t forget to pre-register on the website to save the order in your personal account.

You can find out all about our shipping rates here or use the shipping calculator.

And also ask your questions in the online chat to our manager or by email! Place an order without fees and additional costs.


We wish you happy shopping!