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Health is the most valuable human resource. That is why it must be maintained and protected. And the easiest way to do this at home is to order natural healthcare products with delivery from Russia!

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What are natural health products? And why should they be bought exclusively in Russia?

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Natural healthcare products with the delivery from Russia

Siberian Wellnes

Siberian Wellnes is a Russian brand of unique organic products. It was created in Siberia 15 years ago. And since then, it has been pleasing its customers with completely natural and self-grown products.

Here you can find biologically active additives, vitamin complexes, herbal tinctures. As well as completely natural cosmetics. And a lot of interesting healthcare products.

Let’s look at some of the categories offered on the site.

Natural healthcare products with the delivery from Russia

Organic minerals are extremely important for the proper functioning of the entire body. For example, iodine, zinc, iron. Their shortage is experienced by up to 85% of people all over the planet! And also it is practically impossible to get the daily norm of micro and macroelements from ordinary food. Therefore, the best solution would be to purchase ready-made organic minerals in capsules!

Natural healthcare products with the delivery from Russia

If you want to monitor your health immediately in the complex, then we suggest you order ready-made sets of vitamins. On the website you will find boxes with various actions. For example, a complex to support immunity, improve vision and cleanse the body.

Berloga zdorovia

This store offers products extracted from the Far East! Unique and valuable natural ingredients from the ocean are ready for use!

Natural healthcare products with the delivery from Russia

Pay attention to the uniqueness of such products! The rarest extracts from sea urchin, trepang and even seal fat are ready to order! The convenient form of biological additives allows you to use them comfortably and easily. Thus, the substances contained in marine life have a general health effect. For example, they regulate blood sugar, cholesterol metabolism. And also contain antioxidant compounds. Moreover, some natural products have an antibiotic effect. Such as corbicula extract.

          Altayskie tradicii (Altai traditions)

In this store in Russia you will find not only useful but also delicious products! Altai is famous for its incredible vegetation. Herbs and plants grown there are valued all over the world for their purity and medicinal properties.

Natural healthcare products with the delivery from Russia

Herbal collections contain complexes of unique herbs that have a certain effect on the body and health in general. On the website you can buy a collection to maintain the health of the heart, joints, immunity.

Just use the tea collection and enjoy the prepared drink!

We would like to draw your attention to the cost of herbal fees. A small format and a relevant price will allow you to choose any tea and add it to the main order!

Altai souvenir

If you want to try other products from Altai then pay attention to this online store. This company has been in existence since 1993. And it is continuously developing.

Natural healthcare products with the delivery from Russia

All health products are made according to the rules of the ancient traditions of the indigenous peoples inhabiting the Altai Territory. Each position presented on the site is created manually!

For example, unique non-alcoholic balms infused with herbs help to improve digestion and restore the functioning of the cardiovascular system. And natural bee honey not only strengthens the immune system but is also a delicious and healthy treat!

Moreover, in this store you can buy medicines with extracts extracted from the horns of mountain deer. This is a very rare and extremely valuable product. For your convenience, each item in the store is accompanied by a detailed description. It indicates the action of the product and the composition. Use the built-in translator in your browser for comfortable surfing through the web site!


This store has a whole collection of balms for formulations. These drugs fight pain symptoms and promote tissue regeneration. Especially well such products are suitable for elderly people suffering from osteochondrosis, arthritis and arthrosis.

Natural healthcare products with the delivery from Russia

Also in the Altaymag store beaver jet capsules are presented. Due to its useful properties it makes it possible to use it in a variety of industries. It is intended for the treatment of headaches and also for the prevention of disorders in the cardiovascular system. Moreover, the respiratory system is not left without attention!


Evalar is the first and only Russian manufacturer. It produces natural products according to the original international quality standard. Moreover, it also was developed in Altai!

The company has also become a leader in sales of multicomponent dietary supplements and all this among companies in Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries!

On the website you will find a variety of product categories. For example, vitamins and minerals. As well as Anti-age products, everything for fighting viruses and protection from Covid-19. Let’s look at some of them.

Natural healthcare products with the delivery from Russia

Natural minerals and peptides are the key to good health. Omega-3 and collagen help to improve the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Therefore, with regular intake of these components, you can not only maintain your beauty, but also prevent the aging process.

Natural healthcare products with the delivery from Russia

Another interesting category is products for weight loss and control. The main secret of natural preparations is in the composition. Natural ingredients stimulate metabolism. Moreover, it promotes active cleansing of the body.

Pay attention to promotional offers. And especially for products with the “Hit” icon. These positions are in great demand. And manufacturer often offers discounts on them!

Where else can I buy natural medical products?

In order for you to get acquainted with a large number of products we have prepared several useful sites. You will find goods made from the best natural raw materials there as well as rare offers for medical products.

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