Why should you buy a Russian tent for tourism?

Outdoor recreation is undoubtedly one of the favorite pastimes for people all over the world. Clean air, untouched beauty of the landscape and silence attract the inhabitants of cities more and more. However, when going on such an active holiday do not forget about the importance of careful preparation! On the eve of the new tourist season, we want to talk about the necessity of choosing high-quality equipment. Also, we will tell you why it is worth buying a Russian tent and what are its advantages over tents of European production.

Why is it safe to make purchases in Russia?

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Let’s move on to the review of sites where you can buy a Russian tent.

Where to buy a Russian tent?

First of all, we want to draw your attention to the differences among Russian tents.

The fact is that Russian manufacturers are particularly worried about the quality and durability of their products. Due to the fact that Russia is distinguished by the severity of its climate, tourist equipment must be durable. Moreover, it must withstand strong gusts of wind and various weather conditions.

We have noted several main advantages of Russian tents:

  • Light weight
  • Simplicity of design, which ensures quick assembly
  • Moisture, sun and wind resistance
  • Good insulation and heat preservation
  • Large sizes

Save the sites where you can buy a Russian tent!


This manufacturer pays special attention to the environmental friendliness of production. And also monitors the quality of impregnation of the protective layer of tents. Almost every model presented on the website can be purchased in different sizes. Thus, you will choose your ideal tent by yourself.

buy a Russian tent

Moreover, Altai also produces other equipment for tourism. For example, reinforced chairs, decking and much more. You can contact the manufacturer yourself and ask him questions about the products. But also, do not forget that en.aukciony.com can contact the seller for you!


The Moscow manufacturer of Bask tents proved himself in the 90s. He was one of the first to test his products in extreme conditions. Now the collections of tents are regularly updated and replenished with new models. Pay attention to the stylish design too.

buy a Russian tent

Furthermore, the functionality of such tents will pleasantly surprise you. Easy opening of individual parts, quick installation and reliable wind protection. All this awaits you after purchasing the Bask tent.


If you are looking for a universal tent for frequent camping trips then pay attention to this company. The protective color of the tent cover perfectly merges with the terrain. This will allow you to use the tent for long hunting trips.

buy a Russian tent

Moreover, pleasant prices for Russian tents will be an excellent addition the preparation for the tourist season.


If you are looking for simple and budget options for tourist tents then here you are! Lightweight construction options are easy to pack and transport in a car and the laconic design will appeal to all lovers of outdoor activities.

купить российскую палатку



The company Pneumosibir appeared on the Russian market relatively recently. But it has already proved itself! This unique manufacturer has created inflatable portable tents.

buy a Russian tent

Their convenience exceeds all expectations. First of all, inflatable tents are very easy to use and install. And secondly, their capacity allows you to gather a large company of people at once.


Another Russian manufacturer who will please you with the prices of their products! Tents of this company remain in the top sales of tourist stores for 20 years.

buy a Russian tent



If you have ever ordered sports goods from Sportmaster then this brand will be another revelation for you. Outventure is a subsidiary of Sportmaster, which specializes in equipment for tourism.

Tents of this manufacturer are available in different price segments. You will definitely find the one that suits you in all respects!

For your convenience, we have prepared an additional list of sites where you can buy a Russian tent. Just enter the manufacturer’s name in the search gap and the site will give you all the available offers:

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