How to purchase auto components in Russia. Exist shop overview.

Buying auto parts in Russia is a profitable option for those who are looking for really high-quality auto products at an affordable price. Our delivery service selects the most interesting sites and offers assistant purchase and transportation of your orders! We deliver goods to any country you need. guarantee you the safety of transportation, high-quality packaging and a transparent system and also at each stage of delivery we will keep in touch with you. We send photo reports about the receipt of goods to our warehouse, its weighing and shipping to your country.

If you have been searching for the car parts you need for a long time then we are in a hurry to introduce you to the Russian Exist store.

What is Exist?

How to purchase auto components in Russia

In order to understand the principle of the Russian platform we will tell you a little about what it is. Exist is an online store created in 1999. At the moment, it is the largest portal for the sale of auto parts in Russia. Moreover, all products presented on the site are delivered directly from official manufacturers and suppliers to the conveyor.

The main features of the platform are:

  • Extensive on-line catalog of auto parts for cars of European, Japanese and Korean manufacturers.
  • The ability to search for interesting parts in various ways: a request for the VIN of the car, the spare part number, an illustrated catalog.
  • Getting the most complete information about the part.
  • Availability of analogues from various manufacturers, applicability, prices and delivery terms.


Let’s move on to an overview of the available categories on the Exist website

Oils and auto chemicals

In order for your car to work properly it is extremely important to monitor the oil level and the presence of other consumable liquids. For example, engine oils should always be at your fingertips. The platform’s catalog offers to purchase liquids from the most popular manufacturers and also you can easily find the necessary oil for your car brand.

How to purchase auto components in Russia

As you can see, the prices for oils vary depend on the volume and brand. Use the quick search built into the site for a quick search!

How to purchase auto components in Russia

When placing an order, do not forget to purchase cooling fluids. Because of them, the safety of your car use will be maximized.

Car electronics

In order to prepare your car for the cold weather we recommend updating the battery. Such a precautionary measure will avoid a sudden situation with the inability to start the vehicle.

How to purchase auto components in Russia

Pay attention to the display of the number of stars under each product. These ratings were set by buyers after purchasing and use. This kind of feedback will help you decide on a choice and buy a really high-quality part!

purchase auto components in Russia

In order to provide additional comfort and safety while driving purchase a rear-view camera. It will help you better navigate the space while parking or reversing. This car tuning will be a great investment!

Car rims

If you want to transform your car and improve its appearance consider the category with the cast wheels! Here you can find models with different designs and colors.

purchase auto components in Russia

Except the cast wheels you can buy stamped ones. This look is very stylish and atmospheric. Buying auto parts in Russia will allow you to change the style and characteristics of your car at a pleasant price!

purchase auto components in Russia

Car accessories

If you prefer active recreation and often transport lots of goods then consider the option of purchasing luggage systems. They are easily attached to the roof of the car and allow you to save space in the cabin. A wide range of products will allow you to choose the model that is perfect for your car brand and its color.

purchase auto components in Russia

When purchasing goods for a car in Exist be sure of the quality of every detail! Manufacturers provide all the necessary documentation and serial numbers for verification.


How to place an order?

Choosing shopping in Russia you get profit and guaranteed high-quality goods! Do not delay the purchase, collect your shopping cart on the Exist and proceed to our website to get assistance with the purchase and delivery!

In order to place an order just use the instructions:

Register on the website

Send us direct links to the positions you are interested in to our mail  or write the links in the online-chat or use the order form. Then our managers will check the order and confirm it.

Pay for the created orders on the website  using PayPal.

Wait for your purchases to arrive at one of the  warehouses.

After the parcel arrives at the warehouse and after handling (photo report, weighing, packaging), arrange delivery to your city. In order to save on shipping we advise you to accumulate goods!

Contact the online-chat on the website for help and ask the manager to create an assisted purchase order.

Important! Don’t forget to pre-register on the website  to save the order in your personal account.

Find out all about our shipping rates here or use the shipping calculator.

Ask your questions in the online chat or by email! Place an order without fees and additional costs.

We wish you happy shopping!