How to buy MaxMara online at the lowest price in Italy

The Italian clothing and accessories brand MaxMara has been one of the trendsetters of world fashion for a long time. But how to make the purchase and delivery of goods from Italy take a minimum of costs and time?

That’s easy! It is enough to use our convenient service . We will help you to place an order and deliver any item directly to your city. To do this, you only need:

  • To register or log in on our website in order to fill the order form
  • Copy the link to the product you need and paste it into the order form while placing it (1 unit of product = 1 order)
  • Fill all the necessary data into the order form, and specify the color and size in the comments. To choose the size, use the size chart on the website of the online store
  • The order you created will appear in your personal account. To activate it, you need to make a payment.

Below we will tell you about the advantages of the Intrend DiffusioneTessile outlet, belonging to the Max Mara Fashion Group. You can order any product presented in it or on the official Max Mara group websites. The manager buys it within an hour after paying for the order on the website

Please pay attention that the product from the “Special price” section disappears instantly, so you need to contact our manager for an urgent purchase of your order.

The average delivery time of the goods from the store to our warehouse is 2-4 days, waiting time for the goods from the “Special price” section can take up to 2 weeks.

Shipping cost

The total cost of delivery consists of:

  • Redemption services ~ 10% (7% of the cost of the goods + bank charges)
  • Delivery costs: package + delivery rate, according to the tariff

You can find the delivery rates from the Italian warehouse here or use the delivery calculator.

To view the table with the weight of the goods, click on the link.

What is MaxMara Group?

MaxMara Fashion Group or MMFG is a huge holding consisting of 9 independent brands, most of which include lines with their own names. Max Mara, Marella, PennyBlack, Max & Co, Sportmax and others are among them. Each of them has its own characteristics, but, at the same time, all lines are united by a common style and high quality.

MaxMara became famous for their Teddy fur coats, 101801 coats and The Cube down jackets. They are firmly established in the fashion market and in the wardrobes of fashionistas. And if you want to find designer clothes of this brand, then pay attention to Intrend Diffusione Tessile. This is the most famous outlet in Italy, owned by Max Mara Fashion Group.

Let’s look through the features and differences of each Max Mara company!

Max Mara is a luxury collection of the highest quality, made in the style of modern classics.

hou to buy MaxMara

Sportmax is bold and trendy solutions that simultaneously reflect minimalism and comfort in their style.

how to buy MaxMara

Max Mara Weekend sells casual clothing. An ideal capsule and base for everyday and special occasions.

how to buy maxmara

Max&Co is a mix of styles for more dynamic and youthful images.

how to buy MaxMara

Marella is a romantic and sophisticated style for young women.

how to buy MaxMara

iBlues is the most playful brand of the group for those who are “little girl” at heart.

how to buy MaxMara

PennyBlack is practical and convenient images for every day.

how to buy MaxMara

Marina Rinaldi is stylish feminine clothing for curvy shapes. Here the sizes start from 48.

Persona makes bright and youth collections in plus size format.

how to buy MaxMara


In the Intrend Diffusione Tessile outlet you will find last year’s collections of all the above brands with huge discounts (up to -70%) for the entire range. Be sure that the purchase and delivery of goods from Italy through the outlet will help to save a significant amount of money! Such prices are explained by the fact that by cutting off the original brand labels and changing them to one Intrend brand common to all, the company bypasses paying additional taxes for the brand name. Nevertheless, you can find out famous brands by the original accessories (buttons, locks, lining, etc.), which cannot be replaced. Therefore, when buying clothes at the outlet, be sure of the European premium quality of Max Mara!

And we also want to draw your attention! You can make your own purchases using our address in Italy, but the outlet blocks purchases from countries other than Italy. In order to avoid blocking in Intrend when placing an order for the purchase and delivery of goods from Italy, use our service, create an order and be sure that in 3-4 days you will receive a photo report from the warehouse! Thus, our managers will safely and quickly buy your goods and arrange delivery to your city.

The outlet’s official website:

Advantages of purchasing and shipping from Italy using services

Our customers have already appreciated the advantages of buying Max Mara products in Europe using the service They noted the following points:

  • Low cost
  • Large assortment and various promotions
  • The possibility of redemption on the official MMFG websites
  • Fast delivery
  • Operational communication with our managers
  • Help in choosing the right size
  • The ability to combine several packages from different stores
  • Careful packaging + free photo report from the warehouse
  • 100% protection of your funds
  • Compliance of the delivered goods with the order you have placed

If you need help with your purchases, please contact the online chat at, register and get access to addresses in Europe for purchases.

Any other questions? Ask them to our online consultants or email us

We wish you great shopping!