How to buy goods in the Russian marketplace Avito?

There are several popular marketplaces in Russia. One of them is Avito which is popular with its variety of goods. Like eBay, Avito cooperates with both companies and individuals.

Anyone can become a seller on Avito and it is its feature. The platform was created so that people could easily sell things that are no longer needed. And also goods that are almost impossible to buy in the original stores. Moreover, the cost of goods on Avito is lower than in the shop, because mostly sellers are individuals.

Let’s draw our attention to the payment and delivery methods. In Russia, individuals accept payment on the cards of Russian banks, and this is a very popular payment method in Russia. However, you need to take into account the risks, so before you create an order for the purchase of goods, look through the seller’s statistics, his reviews and feedback. It is important to know how long he sells on Avito, which delivery method is offered, ect. If there is an Avito delivery button in the ad, then this is a seller’s guarantee, which means that the seller will send the goods by Avito delivery and the recipient will be able to inspect the goods upon receipt and only after that the seller will receive money from the sale. But it should be emphasized that many sellers are not comfortable with Avito delivery, because the shipment is made at their own expense, and in case of refusal to receive, the seller bears the costs. That is why there is no doubt that the seller does not deliver with Avito.

In order to make it convenient to track price dynamics, Avito has developed a special “Market Value” sign. Such a green inscription appears under the product after its verification. And it means full compliance with the pricing policy on average.

And if you doubt the quality of the product, then first of all pay attention to the reviews section. Under each product you can find real comments from live users who have already made a purchase.

Another option for checking will be the seller’s rating. The Avito system distributes the rating based on customer ratings and successful transactions carried out by the seller.

In this article we will introduce you to some categories of products on Avito. And we will tell you exactly how to place an order using .


What can you find on Avito?

This platform combines thousands of different ads and offers from live sellers. The interface of the marketplace is designed so that on the main page before you start shopping, you can choose the category you are interested in. After that, the service itself will select the most relevant offers and favorable prices for you.

Look at the most popular product categories!

Photo equipment.

Especially for professional photographers who are in search of specific and special equipment in Avito there is a section “Photo Equipment”.

Here you can buy both professional cameras and accessories for them. For example, lenses or some components. Moreover, on the platform you can find the most real rarities of photo equipment and antiques!

buy goods in the Russian marketplace

And if you are just starting to explore the world of photography and want to try different equipment, then pay attention to supported cameras and budget equipment. This purchase option will be the ideal solution. After all, you will be able to try several different devices and hone your skills on inexpensive models. Moreover, you can find a suitable camera even for your children.

buy goods in the Russian marketplace

Next to the product card, read the full description of the model. It is left by sellers in order to make it easier to navigate when buying. And also we remind you to draw attention to the rating of sellers and study reviews!

Branded clothing.

On Avito you will also be able to pick up a new wardrobe! At the same time, there are a huge number of offers with clothes from well-known brands on the platform. Some of the items can be worn once or twice, but keep completely perfect condition. Check the originality of the models using the photos attached by the seller. And also don’t be afraid to ask questions directly!

And you can also choose completely new products. Such things are sold with original tags or documents on them. And the most interesting thing! Along with the new update of the Avito application, the video format for viewing product videos has become available to all users. Thus, sellers shoot additional video materials and use them to confirm the quality and authenticity of their goods.

buy goods in the Russian marketplace

Along with clothes, you can also order branded bags in Russia.

buy goods in the Russian marketplace

Note that next to the product card there is a sign “Documents checked”. This means that Avito quality controllers have fully studied the seller and his product and recognized it as original.

Industrial equipment.

Or maybe you or your business needs to purchase new equipment? Industrial machines, professional tables and work tools are available for purchase on Avito. And we, in turn, will deliver all your cargo safely to your city!

buy goods in the Russian marketplace

Computer accessories.

And especially for connoisseurs of technology and computers, Avito has a special section. It includes all the necessary parts to assemble a computer yourself. And also with new spare parts you can upgrade your computer and increase its performance significantly

buy goods in the Russian marketplace

How to place an order for the purchase of goods on Avito?

It’s very simple! Select the product, save the link and use the order form. If there are more than 1 piece of goods, when creating an order, specify all the links and product characteristics in the comments to the order. Also you should specify the total amount of goods. After checking the order and confirmation by the manager, you can pay for the order (PayPal, Swift, Bank card)

Or contact the online chat on the website for help and ask the manager to create an order for the purchase of goods.

The purchase of the goods is made immediately during working hours and during non-working hours within 2-3 hours, confirmation of the purchase is indicated in the comments to the order.

Important! Don’t forget to pre-register on the website to save the order in your personal account.

Shipping cost = 9 euro package cost (for parcels up to 5 kg) + delivery rate

Use the shipping calculator to calculate the cost.

Read more about the cost of packaging and all our services at this link.

To save on delivery, we recommend accumulating parcels in a warehouse and sending them in a single shipment.

After sending the parcel to the customer’s address, we give it a number to track. Payment of duties upon receipt depends on the value of the goods in the package, you can always specify the cost of the goods in the comments to the order or delivery.

Please, take into account our workload and lack of time for many customers, managers process orders by mail, just send links of the products you want to

We wish you happy shopping!