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Avito is one of the most popular marketplaces in Russia. On the site of the platform as a private person, as companies place their goods. Avito website is made for people to sell their goods which they don’t need anymore. This can be used articles and new. Also for the last years different companies have been placing their goods on the platform. And often the prices on Avito are considerably lower than in shops. Choose, and the service will help to deliver items of collecting directly to your house.

Ways of payment and delivery

The most popular way of payment to private persons on Avito is payment to a credit card. Before ordering an article for buying out we advise you to look though the statistics of the seller: how long he has been selling on Avito, his references, his way of delivery. Look at the rating of the seller. Avito system evaluates it depending on the rates of clients. A great advantage is that many sellers on the platform have the button “To buy with delivery”. This is a guarantee of honesty.

The seller pays for delivery himself, and the receiver of the article has the possibility to first examine the article. And only after that the seller will get the money. Also on the page of a seller there are buttons «To write» and «To call». But have in mind that many sellers speak only Russian. To avoid misunderstanding we advise you to trust buying-out and delivery to service With us you can be sure that your goods will be delivered in time.

Items of collecting from Russia

In this article we will tell you about some categories of goods in the section “Collecting”. To get into it, first click on the section “Hobby and Rest” (“Хобби и отдых”). Then in the list on the left click on “Collecting” (“Коллекционирование”). In this new list you will see subsections: banknotes, tickets, autographs, gramophone records, tokens, medals, pins, calendars, envelopes and postcards, stamps, coins and others. Let’s look at the most popular categories of goods.


Philately is collecting postage stamps. This is an exciting and cognitive hobby. The fancy collect postage stamps of particular countries, or of animals and plants, or with works of art. The subjects are diverse, and on Avito you can find stamps in a wide assortment to any taste. Here stamps are sold in the only copy and wholesale, and there are also ready collections in special albums and put-in-books. It is possible to find rare stamps for your collection too, if you are lucky. Search and order, and to buy out and deliver items of collecting isn’t a problem for service

Items of collecting Lenin stampsItems of collecting russian stampsItems of collecting rare postcards

Items of collecting soviet stampsItems of collecting Sueze stamp


Our ancestors used to communicate through letters and postcards as social networks and messengers have appeared relatively recently. Nowadays a postcard as means of communication, has lost its destination. But it has become an item of collecting. Postcards, as stamps, are also collected on subjects. On Avito there is a variety of postcards of the soviet period: agitational postcards, postcards-instructions, artistic postcards. Many collectors are interested in postcards in sets. Here there are such: sets of postcards with actors of soviet films, sets with city sights, series of postcards from museums, postcards with animals and plants, and many many others.

On the pages of Avito you can find postcards of tsar times, before 1917. Especially popular are such warm postcards of the artist Elizabeth Byom. She issued more than 300 kinds of postcards. Even the members of the tsar family liked collecting and valued postcards of E. Byom. Popular authors of soviet postcards are Gundobin, Sygorsky, Zarubin, Manilova, Chetverikov. Choose, and the service will help to deliver items of collecting directly to your house.

Items of collecting Byom original russian postcardsItems of collecting old russian actress postcardsItems of collecting soviet postcards

Items of collecting child postcards


Collecting pins is not less interesting. Themes of pins can be diverse. Now in Russia collecting pins with soviet symbolics has become popular: pioneer, komsomol, the party pins (CPSU). The most valuable pioneer pin can be the pin of 1922. Pins embody the whole epoch or a grand event in the life of the country. Popular pins on themes: the BAM, Olympic games ‘80, The Festival of youth and students, Chernobyl. Some people are keen on sport themes. Such pins are also presented on the site. Search, and maybe you will be lucky to find missing copy in the collection.

Items of collecting soviet pins

Items of collecting Putin president


There are people who collect autographs of other people. Usually famous: actors, athletes, politicians, writers. But agree how pleasant to have a book signed by its author. Or a photo signed by the actor. On Avito we have found, for example, the photo with the autograph of Steven Gerrard. Also we have found the autograph of Robertino Loretti and the autograph of John Lennon on the page of magazine. First astronaut Yuriy Gagarin left his autograph on his photo, and now it is sold on the site. Hurry up, hazardous collectors can buy up rarities. And will help to buy out and delivery items of collecting.

Items of collecting Anton Chekhov

Items of collecting John Lennon


And many others

All can’t be listed! Here Pokemon cards, vinyl records of The Beatles, Panini album for the World hockey championship-1979. And also Soviet New-Year tree decorations, the collection of beer jams of 1200 items. There’s even telephone cards Udmurttelecom are sold.

Items of collecting Pokemone cards

Items of collecting russian beer jamsItems of collecting Izhevsk telephone cards

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