Drom and Farpost. The overview of online-services of announcements. Delivery of car parts from Russia

Drom and Farpost are the largest Russian online-services of announcements for automobilists. Here you can find useful announcements even in the section of foreign (for Russians) motor vehicles. And owners of Russian motor vehicles must know these sites – the assortment is rich. Choose, and delivery of car parts from Russia will be easy with Aukciony.com.


But before overviewing the services, let’s specify some details, important for using these websites conveniently.

The websites are in Russian. So use translation services. For example, Google Translate.

The prices on the sites are given in Russian roubles. Exploring the sites by yourselves, have in mind that at present 1 euro is approximately equal to 95 Russian roubles. For knowing more precise prices, please, specify the rate of exchange while doing the shopping.

Most of the sellors on the sites don’t speak English. But it’s not a problem with Aukciony.com.

We will mediate between you and a seller, ask specifying questions, buy out and deliver items to our warehouse in Moscow. After that we will deliver them to your country.


Advantages of cars from Russia

Russian cars and bikes have a not huge but stable demand abroad. And not only as exotics. Russian cars are gladly used by actors, billionaires and even musicians in the style “black metal”. Especially they are liked by those who value safety, simplicity and ability to drive though where it is hard to walk.

car parts from Russia Pittcar parts from Russia Varg

Delivery of car parts from Russia to Europe. Drom

The first site to which we advise you to pay attention is Drom. This is a specialized Russian site made specially for private announcement of automobilists and autoshops. It resembles the service Avito about which we have already written. But made specially for automobilists.

Rear models

The site is very detailed. You need to go into the section “spares”, after that to choose a necessary section from rather detailed menu with many submenus. Or you may use search bar, inserting there necessary names.

car parts from Russia Okacar parts from Russia UAZcar parts from Russia Chaika

car parts from Russia Lada-1111car parts from Russia Bukhankacar parts from Russia GAZ-13

For example, if you are the owner of such rarity as compact car “Oka”, then you will surely value a wide choice of parts. They are now even in Russia in deficit. Ordering for “Oka” we recommend you to provide yourself with muffler bands. They are compact, cost cheap but should always be in stock. And as to famous models, here you may find spares to the cult model UAZ “Bukhanka”. For example, power steering. Or buy a radiator of heater for the legendary “Chaika” or GAZ-13.

Popular models

Here you can find not only spares for cars for experts, but also for more popular models. For example, for deservedly popular “Niva”. “Niva” is valued for ability to be cross-country at a reasonable price. That’s why the parts are not very expensive. A front shock absorber costs a little more than one thousand roubles. Pay attention to clutch actuator suitable for some models of Russian cars including very popular “Lada Vesta”. There are a lot of spares for UAZ Patriot for trips in the country all over the world. For example, headlights.

car parts from Russia Nivacar parts from Russia UAZ Patriot

Foreign models

And, of course, in Russia like foreign cars. It means that there are a lot of spares to them. For example, original solenoid valve for Toyota Corolla. And cylinder head for Lexus, leaf springs for Mazda bongo, spark plugs for Daewoo Nexia, a fuel pressure regulator block for Isuzu Impulse, wheel drive for Skoda Octavia and many others. Choose, and our service will organize the delivery from Russia.

car parts from Russia Mazda

Delivery of car parts from Russia to Europe. Farpost

Farpost is a popular Russian board of advertisements. There are more than 200 millions of them on Farpost. As from companies, as from private persons. The site is devoted not only to cars, but the autosection of the site is famous for its assortment and that’s why it’s one of the most popular. Look into the section “car parts”. Visually the menu and search on the site are very similar to the ones on Drom. That’s why we will not explore them in detail.

The assortments of the sites are partly alike. But in general they excellently supplement each other. And it’s useful to explore the both in order to find the best variant. What is not on Drom can be on Farpost. And vice versa. Prices can differ. Make you choice, and Aukciony.com will arrange buying-out and delivery from Russia to Europe and other countries of the world.

Russian cars

We like Russian cars very much and that’s why will give you some examples of cars and spares to them. For example, here you can buy a rear view mirror suitable for the whole row of Lada models including Bogdan. Brake pads for UAZ “Hunter”. Or hood deflector for Lada Granta.

car parts from Russia UAZ Huntercar parts from Russia Lada Granta

car parts from Russia Bogdan

Foreign cars

In brief: the choice is not worse than on Drom. We have found, for example, cylinder head for Mitsubishi Delica, brake pads for Cadillac DTS, and also steering rack for Toyota Ipsum.

car parts from Russia Cadillac DTScar parts from Russia Toyota Ipsum

Examples of delivery

Delivery of car parts from Russia is what our service does regularly. And here are some photos for example of what was sent. Bumper for Audi RS7, dashboard for Mazda and front panel for Toyota Corolla. And this is only little part of what we have already sent. Don’t hesitate to make purchases, and Aukciony.com will help to buy out and deliver car parts from Russia.

car parts from Russia Deliverycar parts from Russia Deliverycar parts from Russia Delivery

The service Aukciony.com will help you to place, pay and get the order.

For that:

  1. Sign in on the site Aukciony.com
  2. Contact us by Whatsapp or email, send the name, link and cost of the item to our manager for placing an order.
  3. Pay with credit card or by PayPal.
  4. Wait for your purchases to arrive at a warehouse of Aukciony.com

After the arrival of the parcel at the warehouse and its processing, you may arrange the shipment to your city. Use our shipment calculator to calculate an approximate cost.

The terms of delivery can be shifted due to the international circumstances. The average term of delivery is 2-3 weeks, but a parcel can arrive earlier or later.

Do you have any questions? Ask them to our online consultant in chat or by email info@aukciony.com. We are always available.

Nice shopping!

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