Delivery from “Avito”. Ordering de luxe goods from Russia

“Avito” is a Russian announcement service. Here one can sell goods, offer services, look for and find a job. There are a lot of opportunities as this is the largest service in Eastern Europe. And maybe in the world. Here is a lot of interesting but especially the opportunity to find goods of famous brands. On the website you can find de luxe goods at a good price. And sometimes you can get the opportunity to buy real rarities. Choose, and will help with delivery.


What is important to know for purchasing on Avito?

The website is in Russian. So you can use translation services. For example, Google Translate.

The prices on the site are given in Russian roubles. Exploring the site by yourselves, have in mind that at present 1 euro is approximately equal to 97 Russian roubles. In order to know more precise prices, please, specify the rate of exchange while doing the shopping.

On Avito it is important to read descriptions to articles. Sometimes they contain important details. If you don’t understand something, don’t hesitate to address our consultants.

Avito controls the reliability of sellers

The website helps to determine whether a seller is reliable. Opposite every announcement you will see some marks that will help you.

Delivery from “Avito”: how to buy

“Send a message” – you can send a message to the seller.

“Reliable seller” – the seller has a good reputation on the site.

“Documents have been checked” – those who issue an announcement as a private person undergo the verification of documents on Avito. In such a way the website struggle against cheats. Also in a seller’s account you can see other goods, rating and feedback.

“Eco-contribution” is a contribution that you make to ecology buying the article.

And the announcements marked “original” mean that Avito experts verified the article and came to the conclusion that it’s original.

Delivery from “Avito”: original brands


Gucci is loved in Russia. Everybody knows this brand. That’s why the choice of goods is wide. On Avito you can find the 2004 vintage leather coat. It was featured on Tom Ford’s legendary last fashion show.

Also look closely at the rare fur coat. It’s absolutely symmetrical and beautifully cut. And at these winter chamois boots decorated with embossed leather.

Delivery from “Avito”: Gucci

Alexander McQueen

Alexander is a beautiful name, very popular in Russia. So it’s not surprising that Russians like this brand. Please yourself with the spring 2008 silk dress. A large collection of shoes is also on sale. Here you can find woman’s plimsolls and man’s boots. Choose, and we will arrange the delivery from “Avito”.

Delivery from “Avito”: Alexander McQueen


Chanel is a world-famous classics and one of the most recognizable brands. On Avito there are a lot of Chanel articles including the premium level. For example, the crocodile leather flap bag. Or the limited edition watch J12 Automatic with 18-carat white gold, diamonds and sapphires. The original tweed jacket of the 2007 collection looks good too.

Delivery from “Avito”: Chanel

Other brands

There are a lot of brands! And it’s impossible to describe each of them. Type the name of the brand you need into the search bar of Avito, and you will get a huge selection. By this way we for a couple of minutes have found the Christian Dior fur coat, the Louis Vitton bag of the limited collection “Croco” and the excellent Paciotti boots – these Italians produce only high-quality shoes. Look for and find beautiful articles of favourite brands. And will organize the delivery.

Delivery from “Avito”: Christian DiorDelivery from “Avito": buy Paciotti

Examples of purchases

We would like to show you some photos of the articles which were bought on Avito and delivered to European countries by

Delivery from “Avito”: buy bagsDelivery from “Avito”: buy with

Have a nice shopping! And don’t forget that the delivery from Avito is not a problem with

The service will help you to place, pay and get the order.

For that:

  1. Sign in on the site
  2. Contact us by Whatsapp or email, send a model, link and cost of the article to our manager for placing an order.
  3. Pay with credit card or by PayPal.
  4. Wait for your purchases to arrive at a store of

After the arrival of the parcel at the store and store processing, arrange the shipment to your city. Use our shipment calculator to calculate an approximate cost.

The terms of delivery can be shifted due to the international circumstances. The average term of delivery is 2-3 weeks, but a parcel can arrive earlier or later.

Do you have any questions? Ask them to our online consultant in chat or by email We are always available.

Nice shopping!

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