Where to buy sportswear in Russia?

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BonaFide is a women’s sportswear brand from Russia which has long gained popularity all over the world. This brand aims to create stylish, comfortable and high-quality clothes for women who are fond of sports and take care of their health.

One of the main features of BonaFide clothing is its functionality. Every detail is thought out with great care to ensure maximum comfort when doing sports. For example, BonaFide trousers have a comfortable cut that does not restrict movements and allows you to do any exercises freely. In addition, the materials used for the production of clothing are of high quality and durability.

Another feature of the brand is its recognizable style. All BonaFide clothing is made in bright colors and has expressive prints which makes it not only comfortable but also very stylish.

Let’s look at several categories that are published on the store’s website.


The leggings are made of elastic material that provides a perfect fit on any figure. They have mesh inserts that provide additional ventilation and make the model even more stylish.

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These models have become really sensational in Russia. Each star was aimed to acquire similar leggings and all this due to the unique cut and anatomical inserts that emphasize the figure.

buy sportswear in Russia

For the lovers of bright prints there are models of a wide variety of shades on the site. Just like classic models they emphasize the curves and make the buttocks visually larger and more attractive.


The tops are made of soft material and have a comfortable cut. They are ideal for yoga or Pilates classes as they do not constrain movements and provide maximum comfort. Moreover, some tops do not look like the usual sportswear at all and are quite suitable for wearing in everyday life or even on holidays!

buy sportswear in Russia

But do not think that due of its stylish view such clothes may be inappropriate in sports. All models are designed in such a way as to provide the necessary breast support and engage in any physical activity.

buy sportswear in Russia


Another interesting category is swimwear. The models fit perfectly to the body and do not restrict movement during swimming. Also, all the seams are made so neatly that they do not cause even the slightest discomfort.

buy sportswear in Russia


Be the brightest on the beach or in the pool! Emphasize your beauty with professional sportswear. Moreover, it is much easier to buy sportswear in Russia than you think. Our service will help you to place an order and deliver to your city.

Sport suits

If you want to buy a ready-made set of clothes for sports right away then pay attention to the suits. Each detail is combined with another and creates a unique style.

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Rashguards and jackets

If you want your hands to be closed during training and at the same time your clothes do not restrict movement then consider buying rashguards. Such an attribute in a sports wardrobe will allow you to stand out favorably from the rest and feel comfortable and attractive.

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Moreover, BonaFide has clothes for active outdoor sports. For example, jackets. They are made in a shortened style, which allows you to run or cycle without worrying about the cold.


Fill your order with stylish accessories such as a set of socks. The breathable material will protect your feet from overheating and allow you to stay in tight sneakers for a long time. Also there are sports attributes such as weighting elastic bands that will improve the results of your workouts.

buy sportswear in Russia

When ordering BonaFide products to Europe you can be sure that you will receive high-quality and stylish sportswear that will serve you faithfully for a long time. The BonaFide brand has many positive reviews and is one of the leaders in the sportswear market in Russia and abroad.

In general, when ordering BonaFide sportswear from Russia to Europe, you get access to high-quality, comfortable and stylish sportswear that will not only allow you to feel confident and comfortable during training but will also be an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

How to buy sportswear in Russia?

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